Webinar Replay: Scalable Supplier Management: Prioritizing Visibility and Ethical Contracting

DATE: March 24, 2021

TIME: 12:30 PM AEDT / 14:30 PM NZDT (18:30 PST March 23)

EVENT PLATFORM: WorldCC - Zoom Webinar



How do you scale a supplier management programme while minimising contract risk and maximising compliance? Savvy business leaders know this requires a delicate balance of operations – from building the business case to getting stakeholders on board to collaborating closely with your suppliers.

Join software leader Xero’s Procurement Director Diedrik Oomens, WorldCC CTO Paul Branch, and Workday Senior Demand Generation Director Michaela Dempsey as they discuss:
  • Why visibility into the supply base is crucial for managing risk
  • How using the right technology can help support ethics in contracting
  • How to align procurement and contract operations with overall corporate strategy


Diedrik Oomens
Diedrik Oomens
Procurement Director, Xero

Paul Branch 
Paul Branch
Chief Technology Officer, World Commerce and Contracting

Michaela Dempsey
Senior Director, Demand Generation, Workday


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