Transforming Business in the Information Age
A Workday and Endemol Shine Group Event

23 January 2020 | 13:30–17:30 | Endemol Shine Group, Amsterdam
How do companies transform their business in the information age? Hosted by Endemol Shine Group in Amsterdam, this event is a great opportunity to experience our innovation first hand, and learn how our customers have achieved breakthrough results.

13:30–14:00 | Welcome
14:00–14:45 | Innovation keynote: The disruption paradox by Menno Lanting
14:45–15:45 | Customer panel with Jana Belyusova, CHRO at Endemol Shine                            Group, Joerie Poelman, VP Finance Europe at Lineage                                          Logistics, and Rob Bult, Global Workday Project Manager at                                Endemol Shine Group
14:45–15:45 | Breakout track on Workday innovation with Anton Harrison,                                Account Executive at Workday, and Miikka Akerman,                                            Senior Enterprise Architect at Workday
15:45–16:30 | Tour of Endemol Shine Group
16:30–17:30 | Drinks and bites