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Workforce Week Personal Pledge

Here are a few ways to get started.

  1. Hire. Talent comes in all forms. Encourage your organization to hire for skills and talent over degree and pedigree. You can also create programs that help talented, motivated job seekers secure lasting employment.
  2. Volunteer. Just one 30-minute volunteer mock interview session can have more impact than you think. Explore volunteer opportunities at organizations in your region that help people find, prepare for, and keep thriving-wage careers.
  3. Be a mentor. Lending your time and expertise to guide a job seeker from a nontraditional background can be an invaluable experience for everyone involved.
  4. Spread the word. Share your workforce development stories on social media using the hashtag #opportunityonramps. Together, we can make a real impact.

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Together, we can help create economic opportunity for all.


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